Department of Justice

Public Safety and Investigations

Safer Communities and Neighbourhoods

The Safer Communities and Neighbourhoods (SCAN) unit supports safer communities by investigating and if necessary, shutting down properties that are regularly used for illegal activities, such as:

  • producing, selling or using illegal drugs
  • prostitution
  • unlawful sale and/or consumption of alcohol

SCAN gives citizens an effective way to respond to illegal activities that are having a negative impact on their neighbourhood. It also holds property owners accountable for threatening or disruptive activities regularly taking place on their property.

If you have a concern about a property that is having a negative impact on your neighbourhood you can make a confidential complaint to SCAN.


Contact SCAN

To confidentially report any illegal or suspicious activity in your neighbourhood contact SCAN:

456-SCAN (7226)
Toll free 1-866-530-SCAN (7226) 
Submit a complaint online

Do not investigate the property yourself or approach the occupants.  A member of the SCAN unit will confidentially and discreetly contact you about your concerns.

Support safer communities – it’s your call!