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The Workers' Advocate is appointed by the Minister of Justice to advocate on the behalf of injured workers.

The main duty of the Workers' Advocate is to advise workers and the dependants of deceased workers on the workers' compensation process, and the meaning and effect of compensation claims.

The Workers' Advocate can also assist or represent a worker when negotiating a claim. This could include representation before an adjudicator, hearing officer or an appeal committee.

The Workers' Advocate is a member of the public service appointed to fulfill the duties outlined in section 109 of the Workers' Compensation Act [228KB ].

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As a worker you should know...

  • The Workers' Advocate is located in Whitehorse and can help you with matters pertaining to the Workers' Compensation Act and with the appeals process.
  • Workers' Advocate services are available to you at no charge.
  • The Workers' Advocate is an employee of the Department of Justice and is independent of the Workers' Compensation Board. The Workers' Advocate has full access to all Board files and records relating to any claim they are reviewing.



How the advocates can help you:

  • By providing general information about the Workers' Compensation process: policies, procedures, interpreting your claim.
  • By advising injured workers on what actions they can take and by helping to gather the necessary information.
  • By determining if there is a problem with a claim that can be resolved through an appeal.
  • By preparing and presenting appeals.  


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Worker's Advocate
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Phone: (867) 667-5324
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