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Effective, June 17, 2019, General Register (GR) searches and GR search reports have enhanced functionality. GR instruments are now searchable by registered name and by similar name.

General Register Certificates (GRCs) generated by a component of the new Yukon Electronic Title Information System (YETI) are now being used to report all GR search results. YETI is now functioning, for the GR only and only inside Land Titles Office (LTO).

The standard Certificate of Title Search Request form will continue to be used and is still required to requisition GR searches.

The GRCs now being produced show all instruments registered in the GR in the submitter specified name and similar names. This means that, in addition to Writs of Seizure and Sale, a GRC will show all GR Instruments, if any, in the name that the submitter enters in Certificate of Title Search Request form or a similar name.  Examples being: Court Orders granting Probate, Letters of Administration, Receivership, Assignments in Bankruptcy; General Powers of Attorney, etc.

Other changes in appearance and content of GRCs include: system assigned nine digit registration numbers rather than the traditional chronologically assigned numbers and no stamps, seals or ink signature from registry staff.

LTO no longer conducts or enables “visual GR searches” at the counter or by search request.  This means that a submitter attending LTO and requisitioning a search will receive a GRC while they are at the counter.
For the time being, no fees are payable for GR Searches, GRCs or GR instrument registrations.

For further information, please contact the Land Titles Office at:
Phone: (867) 667-5612
Toll free (In Yukon): 1-800-661-0408, local 5612
Fax: (867) 393-6358