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Implementation highlights under the Land Titles Act, 2015

Majority of Land Titles Office procedures for users engaged in conventional real estate transactions stay the same:

  • All current forms “grand-parented.”
  • Document submission procedures unchanged.
  • Timing of examination and provisional registration approval unchanged.
  • Same day corrections of minor document errors continue to be permitted.
  • Timing and documents produced on final sign off unchanged.

Improving the law and providing new opportunities:

  • Eligible Yukon First Nations may choose to register and obtain Certificates of Title for Category A and Category B Settlement Lands, while maintaining Aboriginal title.
  • First Nations and other owners may grant leases that permit Leasehold Certificates of Title to be issued to third parties.
  • Opportunities to secure mortgages or other financing will be enhanced for holders of First Nation Category A or Category B Certificates of Titles or Leasehold Certificates of Title registered in the LTO.
  • Six new forms of Certificate of Title to accommodate each category of First Nation Settlement Land, Leasehold Titles and Life Estate Titles.

Improving operations: 

  • New appeal process for challenging decisions of deputy registrars and registrar.
  • Published standards for documents and document examination.
  • Forms designed to simplify process and clarify procedures.
  • Simplified survey plan approvals and electronic signatures permitted.
  • New authorizations for return of private documents.
  • Processes for registering survey plans and raising title to new lots simplified (see Toolkit and Modernizing Program: Plans of Survey).
  • Simplified fee calculations without substantial changes in fees or billing procedures.

Improving land titles records and survey fabric:

  • Titles to new lots must be raised when survey plans are registered.
  • New provisions for the elimination of remainders and metes and bounds descriptions and replacements with legal description using explanatory sketches.
  • Easements and leases of parts of buildings will require Canada Land Surveyor prepared sketch.
  • Governments have options to withdraw lands from under act.
  • New requirements for titles for roads and public-use parcels.
  • Deferred posting may be allowed to facilitate plan of survey preparation.
  • Owners or governments may apply to update plans of survey and lot dimensions where accretion or erosion changed natural boundaries of a lot 

Questions about the new act and regulations?

Contact the Registrar of Land Titles at 667-5611