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Adult Probation

Offenders placed on probation are under the supervision of Justice probation officers. Different probation conditions are tracked and managed by probation officers to ensure public safety.

Canada's System of Justice (Dept. of Justice Canada)

The law affects Canadians every day. This link provides a brief outline of Canada's system of law and justice. As members of society, we must decide what our laws will be. But, when creating new laws or changing old ones, it is important to understand the basic principles of our legal heritage.

Community and Correctional Services

Community and Correctional Services provides programs and services for victims and offenders, and has as its primary goal the safe integration of offenders into communities as law-abiding citizens.

Community Justice

Community Justice helps to contribute to the protection of society and the health of communities and individuals through community based justice initiatives. Together with the Yukon First Nations and Yukon communities, the department is involved in a number of community justice programs and committees.


Information on Territorial Court, Small Claims Court, Supreme Court, Court of Appeal, Federal Court, court circuit calendar and court clerks.

Victim Services / Family Violence Prevention Unit

Victim Services & Family Violence Prevention unit offers support services and professional help to victims of crime and abuse.

Sentencing Information