Department of Justice


Community Safety & Crime Prevention

Community Safety and Crime Prevention

  • Safer Communities and Neighbourhoods (SCAN)
    The SCAN unit supports safer communities by investigating and if necessary, shutting down properties that are regularly used for illegal activities.
  • Community Safety Awards
    The Minister of Justice Community Safety Award is an award program that recognizes the contributions of Yukoners who promote community safety.
  • Crime Prevention Funding
    The Department of Justice, directly or in partnership, supports a number of funding programs which help prevent crime in Yukon in a variety of ways.
  • Crime Prevention and Victim Services Trust Fund (CPVSTF)
    The CPVSTF provides support to community groups for a wide range of grassroots projects aimed at preventing crime and supporting victims.
  • Community Justice
    Community and restorative justice contributes to the protection of society, the health of communities and the healing of victims and offenders by bringing together the community, victims and offenders to find solutions.