Department of Justice

Child-Centred Family Justice Fund

Under the Child-Centred Family Justice Fund, the federal Department of Justice provides funding to the Court Services Branch of the Yukon Department of Justice to deliver programs that help parents focus on the needs of their children following separation and divorce.

The key objective of the Child-Centred Family Justice Fund is to minimize the potentially negative impacts of separation and divorce on children. It does this by providing parents with the tools they need to reach parenting agreements that are in the child’s best interests, and by encouraging a less adversarial legal process.

Activities that were funded during the period from April 2006 to March 2007 include:

  • providing funding to the Yukon Public Legal Education Association to update their publication "Splitting Up: the Yukon Law on Separation";
  • information sessions for parents and professionals on the impacts of separation and divorce on children;
  • planning and stocking a Family Law Information Centre (FLIC) resource centre, developing a FLIC web site and preparing FLIC communications materials;
  • implementing web access to account inquiry information for clients of the Maintenance Enforcement Program (MEP);
  • radio, bus and theatre advertising related to the MEP and parent education workshops; and
  • providing information on family law-related issues such as the Child Support Guidelines.

Contact Family Justice Fund Project Officer

Family Justice Fund Project Officer
Court Services (J-3)
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Phone: (867) 667-3066
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