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Resources for Researching Yukon Case Law

The following resources provide access to collections of some (but not all) of the decisions of the Yukon courts:

Yukon Courts Online

  • The Yukon Courts website publishes most of the written decisions released since January 2006.
  • Written decisions released since 2001 are being added as time and resources allow.
  • Decisions are first organized by court, and then by year, and then alphabetically by style of cause.
  • Individual pages on this site can be searched using the CTRL/Command + F function.


  • Some written decisions of the Yukon Courts are also posted on CanLII.
  • The CanLII collection includes some decisions released prior to 2001.

Yukon Law Reports Consolidated Table of Cases, 1967-2008

  • The Yukon Public Law Library houses a print collection of most of the written decisions dating back to 1967.
  • The Consolidated Table of Cases, 1967-2008 is a searchable PDF document that lists all of the decisions currently available for in-library reference.
  • Decisions are organized alphabetically by style of cause.
  • This document can be searched using the CTRL/Command + F function.

Some General Information about Unreported Decisions

  • In Canada, many court decisions are unreported.
  • Sometimes decisions are unreported due to publication bans, or for reasons of individual privacy.
  • Sometimes decisions are unreported because they are delivered orally.
  • Oftentimes unreported decisions are only available from original court files or through fee-based services. For more information on accessing original court files, contact the court registry or law library in the jurisdiction you are researching.