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Court Services

Court Transcripts

Purchase court transcripts:
Court proceeding transcripts and reasons for judgment can be purchased from StenoTran.

Order a transcript:

Basic transcript rates:
Basic transcript rates are priced per page and include one electronic copy. 

  • Daily transcript (delivered within 24-48 hours of being ordered): $23/page
    • Subsequent copies: $23/page
  • Expedited transcript (delivered within 72 hours of being ordered): $18.25/page
    • Subsequent copies: $5/page
  • Regular transcript (delivered within 15 days of being ordered): $13.75/page
    • Subsequent copies: $0.50/page

Rates for oral rulings, reasons for judgment or sentencing:

  • Electronic copy: $14.25/page


If you are unable to reach StenoTran, contact Court Services at 867-667-5247 or 1-800-661-0408 (ext. 5247) or email for further information or assistance.


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