Department of Justice

CCS Programs and Services

Did You Know?

  • Public safety and offender rehabilitation are our first priorities.
  • The most effective methods for modifying criminal behaviour are early community intervention and diversion techniques.
  • By themselves, prisons do not change criminal behaviour.
  • Physical isolation of individuals from their families and communities does little to contribute to the learning, grieving and forgiving  that must accompany fundamental and enduring personal change.
  • Longer sentences and incarceration in a secure facility have no significant deterrent effect in reducing crime rates or re-offence occurrences.

Inmate Facts

  • The majority of offenders are male.
  • Average age of WCC offenders is between 22 and 26 years of age.
  • As many as 70 - 90% are of First Nations descent (from Whitehorse for the most part).
  • Current sentences average 45 to 90 days, however longer terms are also accomodated.
  • An estimated 90% have a problem with substance abuse.
  • Many offenders take advantage of the treatment provided by our Offender Programs, offered through the Family Violence Prevention Unit.


  • WCC currently employs approximately 80 staff, primarily made up of Corrections Officers.  We also employ case managers, administrative staff, kitchen staff, recreation officers, maintenance staff, as well as bringing in individuals from the communites to assist in programming.

National Trends in Corrections

  • Increasing concern with the rules of law and justice
  • Focusing on offender risk/needs assessment and risk management
  • Paying attention to the needs of victims
  • Creating alternatives to incarceration
  • Increasing community awareness and involvement
  • Reducing the costs of corrections
  • Focus on human resources
  • Involving the private sector
  • Expanding aboriginal corrections
  • Increasing the role of technology
  • Community-living arrangements
  • Community-based programming

Justice provides services that contribute to public safety and security by:

  • providing corrections and probation services at the Whitehorse Correctional Centre, and in the community
  • managing the RCMP contract
  • providing programs for offenders and victims of family violence, and other crime;
  • providing crime prevention programs
  • working with community justice committees to deliver community justice services in some communities.

These services are provided primarily by Corrections and Policing.