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Info for Visitors, Family and Friends of Inmates

Whitehorse Correctional Centre

Communicating with an Inmate

Inmates have the right to communicate with their families and friends as well public officials, the courts and their lawyers.


  • Inmates can send up to 7 letters per week and receive an unlimited amount of mail
  • Inmates are not allowed to correspond with anyone they have been ordered not to contact by the court


Incoming and outgoing mail is inspected for money, personal property or contraband. Money will be deposited in the inmate's trust account. Contraband or personal property will be confiscated and/or returned to the sender.

The Superintendent may authorize a staff member to read correspondence if there are reasonable grounds to believe the correspondence:

  • contains plans for sending contraband in or out of the Centre
  • contains plans for a criminal act
  • contains information affecting the security of the Correctional Centre or the safety of any individual

The reasons for reading the correspondence will be recorded and the will be inmate notified.

Privileged correspondence will never be opened (Lawyer, Director of Corrections, MP, MLA, Ombudsman, etc).

Subscriptions and Books

Inmates may subscribe to and receive books and magazines that are legally available and do not jeopardize the security of the Correctional Centre.

The following material is not permitted:

  • detailed information on making weapons or committing criminal acts
  • material that promotes genocide or hatred of any identifiable group
  • sexually oriented material involving violence or children
  • material that promotes tattooing


  • Inmates may use the phones in the living units from 7 a.m. to 10:30 p.m. with the excpetion of weekend and holiday hours.  
  • Inmates cannot receive incoming telephone calls but they can receive voicemail messages.
  • The best way to get a message to an inmate is to leave a voicemail or to write them a letter (exceptions for family emergencies).

The Correctional Centre has installed a secure inmate telephone system from Synergy INmate Phones (Synergy) that balances the rights of inmates with the need to protect victims of crime and prevent illegal activities.

The phone system:

  • Gives individuals the choice of whether to speak with an inmate - calls from WCC will be identified and those receiving a call can choose whether to accept, deny or block the call.
  • Protects vulnerable individuals from further victimization - individuals can have their number blocked if they do not want to receive calls from WCCor from a specific individual.
  • Prevents illegal activities being conducted from WCC- all public calls will be recorded and with reasonable cause, can be reviewed by Corrections.
  • Respects the rights of inmates - legal and other privileged calls will be made from a separate phone and will never be recorded.


How can I add money to an inmate’s phone account?

  • Family members and friends can make deposits into an inmate's telephone account or a Friends and Family account by:

Deposit Options Credit Card Cash  Debit Card  MoneyGram
Synergy kiosk located in the lobby at WCC or others across Canada.  X  X  X  X
Online at  X      X
By calling Synergy Customer Service
 X      X

  • Credit card deposits are subject to a service fee from Synergy Inmate Phones.
  • MoneyGrams are an option if someone doesn't have a credit card. They can be purchased at Canada Post locations.

How do I get my number blocked?

  • When you receive a call from WCC you have the option of blocking all future calls through an automated system.
  • You can also pre-emptively block your phone number(s) by calling the Synergy Customer Service line or Victim Services can help you.

How do I unblock my number?

  • If you choose to unblock your number you can call the Synergy Customer Service line.
  • Phone numbers for court-ordered no-contact orders will not be unblocked without verification that the order has been lifted.

Will an inmate know that I have blocked or declined their call?

  • The inmate will not know that you have chosen to decline or block the call, they will hear an automated message saying the call was not connected.

How much do collect calls cost?

  • Collect calls cost $1.85 per 20 minute phone call.
  • Long distance collect calls cost $1.50 connect fee plus $0.30 per minute

Will my conversations with an inmate be recorded?

  • All public calls – except legal and other privileged calls – are recorded and may be monitored.
  • The call recordings will only be monitored if Corrections believes the inmate is involved in illegal activities, harassing others, or participating in an activity that may jeopardize the security of WCC.
  • If you receive a threatening call from WCC, you can report it and that recording can be used as evidence. To report a call, contact WCC.


Questions or requests related to phones
Synergy Customer Service Line – 1-866-713-4761
Whitehorse Correctional Centre – 867-455-2900
Victim Services – 867-667-8500 or 1-800-661-0408 extension 8500

Inmate mailing address
c/o Whitehorse Correctional Centre
25 College Drive
Whitehorse, Yukon, Y1A 5B6