Department of Justice

Info for Visitors, Family and Friends of Inmates

Whitehorse Correctional Centre

Providing Money to an Inmate

When an inmate is admitted to the Correctional Centre a trust account is set up for them. The inmate can use money from their trust account to pay for phone calls or items from the canteen. When an inmate is released all money in their account is returned to them.

Transferring money to an inmate

Family or friends can deposit money to an inmate’s trust account. Money must be cash, money order or government issued cheque (including First Nation offices).

  1. Drop off money during business hours at the Whitehorse Correctional Centre reception
  2. Drop off money during visiting hours to a Correctional Officer

You will be issued a receipt and the money will be available to the inmate from their trust account. 

Receiving money from an inmate

Inmates can transfer money out of their trust account to family or friends. The inmate must request a withdrawal by filling out the appropriate paper work. The money will be available for pick-up from the Whitehorse Correctional Centre reception during business hours. Only the person designated to receive the money can pick it up. You will have to show photo ID. Money that has not been picked up within ten business days will be re-credited to the inmate's trust account.