Department of Justice

Dealing with Different Crimes

Victim Services

Physical Violence & Threats

If you have been a victim of physical violence or threats of violence, Victim Services can provide you support and information about your options.

There are different things victims of these crimes might consider doing.

(If you have been sexually assaulted, please review our sexual assault page as it will give you information more specific to your experience).

For victims of physical violence:

Get medical attention

If you have been hurt, you should get medical help for your injuries. You don’t have to report the assault to the police if you don’t want to.

If you visit the doctor, the hospital or a health centre, health care staff can treat your injuries and provided any medication you might need.

Talk to someone

It helps to find someone to talk to, someone who will listen and support you as you deal with your injuries and the crime.

Report to the police

Whether or not an assault or threats are reported to the police is your decision. You might choose to wait a while but it will be easier for police to investigate closer to the time of the assault.

Document your injuries and experience

If you can’t tell someone just yet, write down what happened in case you want to talk to Victim Services or the police later on. Get a friend to take photos of your injuries.

For victims of threats:

Keep a record

If someone is threatening you, write down what they say and when each time. Keep copies of any text, phone, facebook or written messages.

Take the threats seriously

Contact Victim Services or the police to find out if the threats are a crime and what you might do about them. It is important you protect yourself from harm. One way to do that is to tell others.

It is illegal for someone to threaten you with physical violence or death. It is also crime to threaten to burn, destroy or damage property or threaten to kill, poison or injure an animal or bird that belongs to a person.

Some forms of bullying might be a crime, particularly if you are worried about your safety.

If threats are scaring or worrying you, please reach out and talk to someone.