Department of Justice

Dealing with Different Crimes

Victim Services

Property Crimes & Theft

Victim Services can provide support and information to people who have been victims of theft or property crimes.

These types of crime can include a stolen wallet or credit card, breaking and entering, car theft or vandalism.   

There doesn’t have to be a charge or a conviction for you to access our services. However, if the case does go to court, we can also help you through that process.

It's common to have an emotional reaction

Although these crimes may not involve violence or a direct confrontation, it can still affect your confidence or sense of personal safety.

Some people might feel violated or vulnerable, others angry or anxious. Some might be frustrated or overwhelmed by the legal process.

There are a range of responses depending on the crime and the person. It is common for people to have strong emotional reactions to any crime.

It is helpful to talk to someone about your experience and reactions. Contact Victim Services to help you through this process or we can refer you to other support services.