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Getting Involved


Getting Involved

Corrections welcomes contributions from Elders, volunteers, community members and contractors.  From a rewarding career, to volunteering, to participating in a correctional board or advisory committee there are many opportunities to contribute to the rehabilitation and reintegration of offenders.

  • Careers in Corrections
    Corrections offers challenging and rewarding positions for persons interested in working with offenders as correctional officers, case managers, probation officers, and counsellors.
  • Volunteering
    The Correctional Centre is always looking for individuals who are interested in providing a positive influence on inmates.
  • Community Advisory Board
    The Community Advisory Board is an independent body that reviews and makes recommendations on the administration of the Corrections Act, Regulations and programs.
  • Elders Advisory Group
    The Elders Advisory Group provides counselling and spiritual support to offenders and teaches offenders and staff about First Nation cultures. The Elders also provide advice on senior management at the Correctional Centre.
  • Correctional Disciplinary Hearing Adjudicators
    The Correctional Centre has a panel of hearing adjudicators who hear evidence, make decisions and determine punishment for inmate disciplinary matters.