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First Nation Programs and Services

Carver Calvin Morberg led inmates at the Whitehorse Correctional Centre in a carving program. They created this carving as well as many personal carvings with input and guidance from Elders.

Yukon Corrections works in collaboration with Yukon First Nations to develop and deliver correctional services and programs that incorporate the cultural heritage of Yukon First Nations to address their offenders’ needs.

First Nation Programming

  • Arts and Crafts - beading, wood carving, mask making, drum making, medicine bags
  • Traditional medicines
  • Traditional cooking
  • First Nations Language Classes

 First Nations Spiritual Services at WCC

  • Talking circles
  • Story telling
  • Smudging ceremonies
  • Elder counselling and spiritual guidance
  • Solstice gatherings and feasts
  • Healing Room

First Nations Re-Integration Coordinator

  • A First Nations Re-integration Coordinator, contracted through the Council of Yukon First Nations, works with offenders and case managers to successfully reintegrate offenders into the community.
  • The coordinator works to identify and diminish barriers to reintegration, assists with research, planning and coordination of First Nations programming and administers a First Nations Reintegration Fund.

First Nations Staff and Training

  • We have been working on ways to increase the number of First Nation staff in Corrections through hiring preferences and recruitment initiatives.
  • Approximately 10 - 15% of Corrections staff have self-identified as First Nation.
  • Whitehorse Correctional Centre works with the First Nation Training Corps to recruit First Nation correctional officers.
  • Elders deliver First Nations cultural awareness training to Correctional Officers.

 Elder Advisory Group

  • The Elder Advisory Group meets monthly to advise management and staff on ways to incorporate First Nations traditions and values in the operation of the correctional centre.
  • Elders were consulted in the design of the Healing Room at the Correctional Centre.
  • Elders instruct staff during their correctional officer training on Yukon First Nations culture and spirituality.
  • Elders provide guidance to staff on an ongoing basis.
  • Elders are also involved in programming activities with inmates such as talking circles, crafts, drum making workshops, counselling and spiritual guidance.

 Community Advisory Board

  • The Community Advisory Board is an independent body that reviews and makes recommendations on the administration of the Corrections Act, Regulations and programs.
  • Two of the seven appointments to the Board must be First Nations.

Are You Interested in Providing First Nations Programming to Individuals Involved in the Correctional System?

  • The Department of Justice is always looking for people who are interested in sharing their expertise in traditional teachings, First Nations spirituality, crafts, art, ceremonies, or other programming to inmates at Whitehorse Correctional Centre and/or the Justice Wellness Centre. Compensation for services is available.
  • To express your interest in providing programming please email, mail or fax your proposal clearly stating your experience, qualifications and contact information.


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