Department of Justice

Offender Programming & Case Management


Collaborative Case Management Initiatives

Yukon Corrections is committed to collaborative offender case planning and client-focused management practices throughout an offender’s period of incarceration and/or community supervision.

Integrated Offender Management (IOM)

The IOM Program is a collaborative case planning and offender management approach. Staff at WCC and Probation work with community partners and the offender from the time they are admitted to the Whitehorse Correctional Centre until they have completed their probation in the community.

  • The goals of the program are to improve community reintegration and reduce re-offending through collaborative offender case planning that adheres to risk/need principles.
  • IOM focuses on medium, high and very high risk offenders who are sentenced to custody followed by a period of probation.

The Integrated Offender Management Program follows a three stage process:

  1. Intake
  2. Assessment
  3. Development and implementation of an Offender Management Plan

Case management plans are developed to address offenders risk and needs during their jail sentence, while they are probation and as they transition back into the community.

Prolific Offender Management (POM)

The POM Program aims to improve public safety by focusing the efforts of an inter-agency team on the highest risk and most prolific offenders in the Yukon.

  • Offenders are selected based on a history of frequent offending, non-compliance with court conditions, the serious public impact of their offences and a medium-to-high risk of re-offending.
  • Offender in the POM program receive:
    • Intensive case management by an interagency team
    • Enhanced supervision by the RCMP and probation officers
    • Behavioral change programming aimed at stopping them from re-offending.
  • The Yukon Prolific Offender Management team:
    • RCMP “M” Division
    • Public Prosecution Service of Canada
    • Kwanlin Dun First Nation
    • Council of Yukon First Nations
    • Yukon Department of Justice
    • Correctional Services of Canada (Parole)
    • Yukon Health and Social Services
  • The POM team meets monthly to ensure a coordinated approach to case management, programs and services delivery, risk management and monitoring the offender’s progress.