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Information for Probation and Bail Clients

Probation Officer/ Bail Supervisor Responsibilities

Your probation officer or bail supervisor is a peace officer (Officer of the Court). They help you follow your court order and work with you to reduce your risk of reoffending.

  • We help you understand and follow your court order
  • We refer you to Programming that reduces your risk of reoffending
  • We help you access services such as housing, education, and social assistance
  • We act as your case manager
  • We report breaches of court orders and conditions to the court

Client responsibilities

While you are on bail or probation it is important that you follow all court orders and conditions. While you are on probation you can make positive changes that will help you for the rest of your life.

  • You are responsible for understanding and following your court order and conditions. If you don’t understand, ask us to explain.
  • You must inform us of any changes to your circumstances (address, phone number, education, employment)
  • You must take Programming as directed
  • You can tell us if there is any Programming you would like to take that is not on your court order

What does my sentence mean?

It is your responsibility to understand and follow your court order and conditions. For information about the different sentences please visit our Sentencing page.
If you have questions about your sentence or conditions contact your Probation Officer.


  • If you don’t follow your court order or conditions you may be breached
  • Breaching a court order or condition is a criminal offence
  • If you are on a Conditional Sentence your Probation Officer MUST report the breach to the court
  • If you are on a Probation Order your Probation Officer may report your breach to the court
  • If you are breached, you will have to go to court and the judge will decide what the consequences will be
  • You could be sent to jail or receive another court order with more restrictions to your freedom or more conditions you must follow

Participating in Programming

  • You must participate in any Programming that you are referred to
  • If you don’t participate in court ordered Programming you could be breached
  • For more information visit our Programming page.

Limits to Confidentiality

We keep you information private, but there some situations when we must share your information. We are obligated to share your information in these circumstances:

  • Under Family Children and Services Act
  • Notify victims