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Land Titles Modernization

Land Titles Modernization Project

The Government of Yukon is working to update the land titles system to facilitate more timely and efficient land transactions and provide citizens with better access to land titles information.

Key components of the project include modernizing the:

  • Land Titles Act and Regulations;
  • Condominium Act and Regulations;
  • Land Titles Office supporting computer system; and
  • Business processes used in the Land Titles Office.

We are now in the Development Phase of the project, which involves:

  • Introducing and passing the new Land Titles Act, 2015 (proclaimed June 20, 2016) and the new Condominium Act, 2015 (completed May 2015; expected to come into effect with regulations in late 2019) in the Yukon Legislature;
  • Drafting new land titles regulations:
  • Drafting new condominium regulations:
  • Identifying a new land titles computer system and developing new business processes in the Land Titles Office:
    • an examination of software system requirements and business processes is underway; and
    • the procurement process for a new software system is expected to start in the early part of 2016.

 Timetable  Land Titles Act, 2015  Condominium Act, 2015
Introduced in legislature  October 2015  April 2015
Passed unanimously by legislature  November 2015  May 2015
Received royal assent  November 2015  May 2015
Work on regulations begins  November 2015

Summer 2016
*public info session held June 1

Regulations expected to go to Cabinet for approval  Spring 2016  Late 2019
Act and regulations expected to come into force  June 20, 2016  Late 2019

The Scoping Phase of the project was completed in early 2015 and included:

  • Establishing a stakeholder advisory group to assist in designing, developing and implementing changes;
  • Reviewing Yukon’s existing legislation;
  • Establishing a drafting advisory group to ensure that professions that used the Land Titles Office regularly had input into the legislation;
  • Meeting with land titles officials in other jurisdictions and reviewing their land titles legislation, computer systems, business processes and governance structures;
  • Consulting with stakeholder groups that regularly use the Land Titles Office; and
  • Holding public meetings  for condominium owners and potential owners.

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