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Land Titles Modernization

The Government of Yukon is working to update the land titles system to facilitate more timely and efficient land transactions and provide citizens with better access to land titles information.

The land titles modernization project will examine all aspects of the land titles regime, including:

  • the Land Titles Act and Condominium Act;
  • the land titles computer system; and
  • the business processes used in the Land Titles Office.

Phase 1, the Scoping Phase, included:

  • creating a stakeholder advisory group to design, develop and implement the changes;
  • reviewing Yukon’s existing legislation;
  • meeting with Land Titles officials in British Columbia, Alberta and Saskatchewan to discuss their land titles legislation, computer systems, business processes and governance structures;
  • consulting with stakeholder groups that regularly use the Land Titles Office; and
  • holding a public meeting for condominium owners and potential owners.

Phase 2, the Development Phase, will include:

  • drafting new legislation based on the comments we receive;
  • purchasing a new land titles computer system; and
  • developing new business processes.



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