Department of Justice

Safer Communities and Neighbourhoods

If you are worried about recurring illegal activity in your neighbourhood such as:

• Drug trafficking

• Bootlegging

SCAN can help.

To confidentially report suspicious activity:

Call 1-866-530-7226 or 456-SCAN (7226)

Click here to fill out an online complaint form.

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Be Part of a Safer Neighbourhood

The Safer Communities and Neighbourhoods (SCAN) unit supports safer communities by investigating and if necessary, shutting down properties that are regularly used for illegal activities, such as:

  • producing, selling or using illegal drugs
  • unlawful sale and/or consumption of alcohol

SCAN gives citizens an effective way to respond to illegal activities that are having a negative impact on their neighbourhood. It also holds property owners accountable for threatening or disruptive activities regularly taking place on their property.

If you have a concern about a property that is having a negative impact on your neighbourhood you can make a confidential complaint to SCAN. 

View the SCAN 2018 Annual Report.


Contact SCAN

To confidentially report any illegal or suspicious activity in your neighbourhood contact SCAN:

456-SCAN (7226)
Toll free 1-866-530-SCAN (7226) 
Submit a complaint online

Do not investigate the property yourself or approach the occupants.  A member of the SCAN unit will confidentially and discreetly contact you about your concerns.

Support safer communities – it’s your call!