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Learn About the Yukon Police Council Annual Report

The members of the Yukon Police Council are pleased to present their inaugural annual report, which provides an overview of the council’s first year. Highlights include:

  • Over the course of its first year, the council received orientation to policing in Yukon, spent time developing processes relating to meetings, developed a strong network of contacts, and initiated a webpage in order to ensure citizens have access to information on the council.
  • The council sought public input into recommendations on policing priorities by way of targeted letters, newspaper ads and website information. The council hosted a session where First Nations, stakeholders and service providers were invited to provide their insights and recommendations on policing priorities. The council submitted recommendations that were well informed, relevant and encompassing of a wide range of views and needs.
  • The council met in Whitehorse a number of times, and in Haines Junction. During each of these meetings the council members met with a broad range of Yukon citizens, service providers and agencies to gain perspective on policing issues in Yukon and to ensure that the dialogue on policing continues.

Download a copy of the Yukon Police Council 2012-13 Annual Report.



Call toll free 1-800-661-0408 (ext. 6475)
In Whitehorse, call 393-6475

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