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Land Titles Modernization

Land Titles Act, 2015

Yukon’s new Land Titles Act, 2015 and regulations are now in force (proclaimed June 20, 2016).

The new governance provisions were developed to enable the Land Titles Office to keep pace with the volume and complexity of modern land dealings in Yukon, while maintaining the high standards of Yukon's stable and long-standing land titles system.

The legislation and regulations were developed with the assistance of representatives from First Nation and municipal governments; real estate law, surveying and condominium sectors; the business community; federal surveyor general’s branch; and Yukon government departments. The legislation also reflected the comments the department received during pubic consultation.

Four new regulations establish new rules governing, amongst other things, registration of First Nations Category A and Category B Settlement Land in the Land Titles Office; plans of survey and other plans; the assurance fund; general provisions; forms; and fees.

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Land Titles Act Documents