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The land registration system in Yukon is based on the Torrens System of land registration. The Land Titles Act establishes the system of registration of title to privately owned lands, as well as providing for the officials to operate the system, and the records that are to be maintained by them. Under this system, the government has custody of all original documents, titles, and plans of survey and is responsible for the validity and security of all registered land title information.

Land Titles Modernization 


What does the Land Titles Office do?

  • The Yukon Land Titles Office has the legal responsibility for examining and registering documents, for ownership of land and any charges and/or encumbrances against the land and ensuring accuracy of same.
  • The Yukon Land Titles Office also examines, registers/files and ensures accuracy of all survey plans for the Yukon.

What services are not offered by the Land Titles Office?

  • Land Titles cannot fill out documents for you, you should seek legal representation and advice where necessary.
  • Land Titles cannot act as a witness, or a notary public for the documents to be registered.
  • Land Titles cannot interpret the contents of documents, you should seek legal representation and advice where necessary.
  • Land Titles cannot give the legal description of a property if you only have the street address, you can get the legal description from the local municipal office.

The Land Titles Office encourages you to become an informed consumer... you won't find a step-by-step guide on how to transfer a piece of property on your own. We can, however, point you in the right direction!





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